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Easy Snowboarding Tricks Every Beginner Should Try


Hey there, slope slayer! Ready to add some flair to your snowboarding game? Before you start dreaming of pulling off those insane aerial stunts, let's get you started with some straightforward tricks that are perfect for beginners. These moves will not only boost your confidence but also lay the building blocks for more advanced tricks in the future.

1. The Classic Ollie

The Ollie is the bread and butter of snowboarding tricks. It's all about popping off the ground using the tail of your board.

  • How to Ollie: Start by crouching slightly and pressing down on the tail of your board. As you spring up, pull both legs towards yourself mid-air to position the board directly under you. Land with a slight crouch, letting your knees absorb the impact.

2. Nollie: The Ollie's Cousin

The Nollie is like the Ollie but uses the nose of the board to launch.

  • How to Nollie: Stand upright and use your front leg to push the board backward. Jump, pulling both legs up for a spring-like motion. Flex both legs to bring the board under you and land with bent knees.

3. Tail and Nose Press

These are fun, stylish tricks that involve balancing on either the tail or nose of your board.

  • Tail Press: Shift your weight over the tail, flexing your back leg. The nose of the board will lift up.
  • Nose Press: Shift your weight forward over the nose, flexing your front leg. The tail of the board will rise.

4. Basic Grabs: Add Some Style!

Grabs add a touch of flair to your jumps.

  • Indy Grab: While mid-air, reach down with your trailing hand and grab the board on the toe edge between the bindings.
  • Nose Grab: In the air, reach forward with your leading hand and grab the nose of your board.

5. 50-50 Grind: Slide in Style

This trick involves sliding on a rail or box with your board straight.

  • How to 50-50: Approach the rail or box with moderate speed. Jump onto it, keeping your board parallel to the feature. Maintain balance and slide down, then land smoothly.

6. Riding Switch: Change Things Up!

This means snowboarding in the opposite stance from your usual one. It's a great skill to have and sets the foundation for more complex tricks.

  • How to Ride Switch: Start on a gentle slope. If you usually lead with your left foot, try leading with your right, and vice versa. Practice turns and basic maneuvers in this new stance.

Wrapping It Up

Snowboarding is not just about speeding down slopes; it's about expressing yourself and having fun. These beginner tricks are your first steps into the exciting world of freestyle snowboarding. So gear up, hit the slopes, and let the mountain be your playground!